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Strategic & Tactical Services 
Product Research & Assessment 
Infrastructure Advisory Services
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Examples of the Expertise provided to start-up concepts to large companies include:

·        Strategic, Tactical, Business and Product Planning·       Business Plan Development and Assessment·        International Marketing and Market Entry·       Business and Sales Development ·          Concept/Product/Technology Assessments·        New Product Introduction and Launch Program Planning ·        Alliance Development – Strategic, Marketing, Sales, and Technical·       Sourcing Assistance - Product and Technology ·        Channel development·        Operating and Business Development Reviews and Restructuring. ·        Infrastructure Advisory Services such as Network Topology Design and Security

The tabulation merely represents the high activity areas.

Strategic and Tactical Services Group


We provide a spectrum of services. Examples of the activities include business plan preparation for start-up organizations, corporate restructuring advice, business process development, acquisition evaluations, plan reviews, technology, corporate planning to detailed SWOT analyses (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Product Research and Assessment Group

Market dynamics of ever shortening product life cycles increases the pressures to shorten Time to market (TTM), manage and extend product life cycles, and selecting the right products for development to yield the maximum market potential in a competitive environment. We can quantify market potentials, competitive risks and evaluate products pre and post launch to aid in this effort with unbiased perspectives.


Infrastructure Advisory Services Group

In todays’  interconnected world with essentially 24x7 connectivity between company locations, customers and employees in the business world, an effective and secure information communications infrastructure is vital. With the pace of technology changes, complexity in the connectivity  environments, BYOD, CYOD, regulatory issues, mobility, demand for security and privacy as examples. Management and their  staffs can be overwhelmed under the pressure to upgrade or design, install and operate an “optimal’ system.  We provide an external and independent perspective of the business infrastructure requirements to aid in topology reviews, assessing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),  security planning and expediting deployment times.


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