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Creative Strategies Ventures Corporation, was founded in 1985 following a leveraged asset buyout of Creative Strategies International where Mr. Poshkus was President and led the buyout team which included Tim Bajarin and several others. The company was headquartered in Silicon Valley and serves a global client base. The initial focus of the company was the 3 Cs – Communications, Computing, and Components. Services included business plan development, market entry, product definition and/or assessment, market research, alliance development, technology transfer, and business development domestically and internationally to maximize revenue and market share potentials.




The company began  a proprietary “Ventures Technology Watch” newsletter for the client base to keep them abreast of the latest technology trends in the computer hardware and software, peripherals (printers and multimedia devices), communications, LANs and WANs, SAN and NAS, Security, Network Management, Intranet, and Internet sectors.




Company locations were established in San Diego and on the East Coast to expand our capabilities and technology sector coverage. Consumer electronics, home networking, and hospitality sectors were added.

2004 -2009



The technology sectors continued to expand in response to our client base needs and dramatic changes in the technology arenas. The security aspects of our connected world increased in importance and we expanded our coverage in security technologies,i.e.. Biometrics, ID management and Home security.The Digital Home, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology sectors were added to the portfolio during this period.




Coverage increased in the Mobility sector- security, tracking, GPS. In 2011, headquarters was move to San Diego, CA from Los Gatos, CA. The 2011 to current time frame noted coverage expansions in Healthcare, EMR, HIE, Compliance issues, UCC, Security, Smart Home and Big Data.. Mobile devices, small cells, radio, backhaul, and embedded semiconductor systems are also core areas today.



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