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(1) Strategic and Tactical Planning Group

(2) Product Research and Assessment Group

(3) Infrastructure Advisory Service Group

Strategic & Tactical Planning / Product Research and Assessment Services

(a) We Offer custom programs to meet each client's unique needs such as competitive positioning, technology focus, revenue growth, and margin improvement. We define the program details interactively with the client team and modify them as necessary during the conduct of the effort to ensure the objectives are met and to reflect shifting business, competitive, and technology dynamics.

            Typical programs involve business plan reviews, business plan preparation, product evaluations and potential assessment, operating reviews, product launch planning, marketing program reviews, product portfolio assessments, restructuring and alliance development, security reviews/planning for compliance and DLP.     

            (b)With start-up up organizations, we can assist in business plan development and presentation needs at all stages.

            (c) We also offer retainer services to provide an ongoing information flow to aid in corporate and market development and in program/project management. In essence, we become an extension of your internal resources throughout the program duration without the fixed overhead expenses of staffing increases before the revenues and profits can support the personnel additions. We also provide the same services to start-up organizations/entrepreneurs.


            Infrastructure Advisory Services  

            We provide suggested approaches for the internal and remote corporate Infrastructure (both existing and greenfield) such as Unified Communications planning to meet today's operating, compliance and regulatory environments. Recommendations are provided for hardware, software, and services as part of the proprietary programs. The final vendor selection is the client responsibility. We will provide a list of vendors we feel offer best of breed solutions based upon our technology evaluations and experience and will assist in the sourcing if requested.

            We can manage System Integration services if requested by the client. We have a portfolio of vendors and a significant number of Consultant Liaison Programs (CLP) with major vendors in key technology spaces that aids our sourcing selectivity. Our objective is to utilize a best of breed in all cases for the specific problem solution.

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